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Sunday, August 14

Do inexpensive make up exist???

I am a bargaining shopper by every right of the name. My dilemma is I also like 2 enhance my beauty thru cosmetics. Until recently I couldn't do both. I walked in2 dollar tree on 1 of my many field trips there and what did I see? Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, and Polishes galore.
Now, if you aren't sure what dollar tree is, its a dollar store. But dollar tree isn't like most dollar stores. In Dollar Tree everything is actually $1 or less. WOW right. So this is why my excitement level was thru the roof. Makeup for a dollar, can you say prayers answered!
They actually had quality brands such as Covergirl, NYC, and Palladio. Although these are small portions of the product, it is well worth the price. So ladies, absolutely makeup can be inexpensive . Just take a trip to your local Dollar Tree.

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