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Tuesday, April 24

Always hearing about high-end freebies and want a piece of that pie? Try influenster out . This is a company that allows you to review items you already own for a chance to win "free" items; no shipping fees, no hassle. They also have an app you can download to any smartphone. You want to connect your social media accounts to increase your "influenster impact score". This along with interacting with Influenster via social media increases your chances of winning 100% free items.
The current campaign I'm in is the #KVDbrows or Kat Von D Super brow 24hr waterproof pomade. This item was sent to me free #complimentary from Influenster for my honest and unbiased opinion. #HowIBrow is first outline the shape I want. I then use the #70 angled brush that came in my VoxBox to fill in the outlined area using hairline strokes. The walnut color I recieved is a dark brown to black shade. Its perfect for my natural brow color. I love the texture of the formula. It's very creamy, which allows you to use less product. It is also very pigmented which I love. I could compare this to the Anastasia dipbrow, but it has a longer wear and requires less product for a full brow. I can't wait to test this out on my trip to Thailand in a few days.  Thanks influenster and Kat Von D beauty for such an amazing product.

Saturday, October 8

The Love of Shoes

I have a confession to make. Hello my name is Nita and I'm a shoe-a-holic. I recently found an online site that has the most beautiful shoes and the prices are just as beautiful. I bought 22 pairs of shoes from this site. Yes, really. I couldn't resist. Each pair was less than $20.00. The shipping was fast and free. The shoes arrived in 1 work week. I must say I love each and every pair. The site is . I recommend this site to every person who has a love for hot heels, over the knee boots, cute flats, and sexy booties. Go check it out.

My Hair Journey

I started my healthy hair journey 3 weeks ago. I got inspired by Ulovemegz on YT. I have started my regimen after visiting which is an awesome site for healthy hair advice and guidance. I am currently wearing protective styles to prevent breakage. My current regimen is:
Daily: Moisturize and seal (M&S) with curl activator and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) 2x and wrap with a satin scarf and bonnet.
Weekly: Shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo. Deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner. Air dry. Co-wash at least once a week with a moisturizing conditioner. Use a leave in conditioner after every wash.
Monthly: Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo. Use a protein treatment when needed.

Using this regimen keeps my hair moisturized and soft. It has also cut down on my breakage. Remember to try to use less heat as possible. But if you do use heat make sure to use a heat protectant.

Monday, September 26

YouTube giveaway #2: E.L.F. lashes and Maybeline Duo Stick

Ladies, Divas, and Queens its time again. I am hosting an E.L.F. and Maybeline giveaway. Three lucky winners will receive a pair of E.L.F. lashes and a Maybeline Duo Stick. The rules couldn't be more simple. All you have to do is log on to YouTube and 1. Subscribe to msnita83fly 2. Like the giveaway vid 3. Leave a comment on the vid 4. Must be 18+ (have parental consent) 5. Must be state-side (continental US only sorry)
This will run until October 05, 2011 @ midnight et. Winners will be announced via YouTube October 6, 2011. Packages will be mailed out ASAP. So ladies, Divas, and queens come try your luck.

Tuesday, August 16

My 1st Giveaway.....Free makeup

Ladies, Divas, Queens the time has come for me to do a giveaway. Yes! It's true... free stuff. I will be giving away a girl's bff. That's right, MAKEUP. There will be three winners. The winners will receive a 6shade eyeshadow palette, a blush (1st & 2nd only) , and a waterproof mascara. All products are by L.A. Colors cosmetics. This giveaway is to give back to YouTube.
I have learned sooo much from vids. From invisible parts to lace wig upkeep. To makeup basics to eye lash applications. Now its time for me to show my appreciation.
The rules are simple: go to my YouTube channel and watch my vid titled "My 1st giveaway....FREE STUFF!!!" 1.You must b a subscriber of my channel 2. You must thumbs-up the video 3. You must leave a comment stating why you want to win 4.Comment or subscribe to this blog 5. Must be 18+ or have parental consent. This giveaway will run until 31August2011 @1159pm.
This giveaway is solely by me. L.A. Colors cosmetics are in no way affiliated with this blog or giveaway. All items and shipping charges are covered by my own funds. All opinions are of my own.

Monday, August 15

Mandatory Fun at it worth it?

Mandatory fun- a day that the boss (CO) sets aside for "morale boosting" events, such
as a barbque. And everyone HAVE to attend.
These days usually are at the end of the work week and geared toward rewarding the crew with down time. I spend more than enuff time with the people I work wit, I don't really want to hang with them when I don't have to. Then you really can't unwind. You be to focused on keeping the boss impressed or wondering if you are saying the right thing. The worst part of the whole thing is once you get back to work you have a desk full of crap to handle.
So what purpose does this really serve. I have to stay at work late trying to make up all the assignments that went unfinished during "mando fun"! Now I just wish the boss notice this. What are your views? Are you for or against "mandatory fun" and why?

Sunday, August 14

Do inexpensive make up exist???

I am a bargaining shopper by every right of the name. My dilemma is I also like 2 enhance my beauty thru cosmetics. Until recently I couldn't do both. I walked in2 dollar tree on 1 of my many field trips there and what did I see? Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, and Polishes galore.
Now, if you aren't sure what dollar tree is, its a dollar store. But dollar tree isn't like most dollar stores. In Dollar Tree everything is actually $1 or less. WOW right. So this is why my excitement level was thru the roof. Makeup for a dollar, can you say prayers answered!
They actually had quality brands such as Covergirl, NYC, and Palladio. Although these are small portions of the product, it is well worth the price. So ladies, absolutely makeup can be inexpensive . Just take a trip to your local Dollar Tree.

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